Cosmic Tumble-Weed

Cosmic Tumbel-weed-

Kinetic light drawing

Created with: Win Lei Ng

Photography by: Roy Rochlin




Cosmic Tumble-Weed is a light drawing machine driven and controlled by the viewer. Each direction he roles, he leaves a trail of light, which disappears over time. A ball of light leaving a trail of light.


Lets talk about the process...

The project was ignited by a wire sphere I built. wondering what if those sphere's could move and leave a trail of light...

We set off to build a self propelling ball which reacts to the users movement and leaves a drawn projection.

Our starting point was an attempt to hack a remote control car.

We soon discovered that remote controlled cars are very quick, and have very low torque.  In order for the car to be strong enough  in order to move a ball, we needed high torque.

We set off to find motors with hight torque, and started to build our own car.

Starting to control the movement of the motors

We worked on the processing sketch, to simulate the experience.

The big circle represents the human, and the little circle represents the tumble weed

The car response to key press Right Left Up and Down.

Next we put the car into a big hamster ball and quickly discovered it is way to heavy for the ball.

In the following video you can see the new car respond to key press.

We built tumble weed from cardboard (to figure out the measurements) with the new motors,

and place for the Arduino, breadboard and batteries.

Next we laser cut the car out of Plexiglas

Blue-tooth controlled tumble weed

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