2D to 3D sculpture

Collaboration with Lior Tamim

Photography by: Roy Rochlin

Lior Tamim decided he wanted to                                 become a body builder as a form of art.

He asked a few artists to collaborate with him requesting they make art.

The sculpture is a mold of his arm holding an hour glass.

The arm is connected to the wall, allowing the viewer to turn the hour glass and interact with 'lior'.

The sculpture is 12" high and 4" wide.


Lior performing at The Triangle

Lets talk about the process...

This project was one complication after the other.

First I routed out a way to connect clamps to a poll (Wyna luo helped tremendously in this stage).

Second I built  the container . WE had to figure out how to mold Lior's hand while holding on to the hour glass.

Next we molded the hand using Alja-Safe Alginate. This material reaches high level of details, curates with in 15 minutes and is safe on the skin.

Next we made our cast using epoxy Smooth on. We pored it into the the mold wile holding the rod in place.

The out come didn't come out smooth, so I used Epoxy clay to fix up the hand.

Last we built the structure to connect it to the wall.


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