Like Me- live video installation performance

Created with Allie Diracles

Performances by: Noa Lembersky and Niro Taub

Make Up art by: Dori Jay

Photography: Roy Rochlin

“Like Me” explores how we share ourselves face to face versus pre-recorded. What type of human interface draws our attention the most? “Like Me” is a live video installation performance designed for the 120 ft by 11 ft video wall at the IAC center in Chelsea, New York, NY. The performance is a likeability contest between a 3D scanned performer and a live performer. The audience votes throughout the performance, controlling the volume of each performers’ voice as they try to win over the audience. In the end, one performer wins, and the other walks away, based off the reaction of the people in the room. The installation was created with high resolution video, OpenFrameworks, Faceshift, auto 3d avatar and Maya. Special Thanks: Mimi Yin, Dan Shiffman, Andrew Lazarow, The Residents, David Lobser, Adam Lanphier, Mike Allison, Erin Finnigan, Wyna Liu

Lets talk about the process...

The steps we took in order to create the performance:

Concept > Story line > Script > Create Avatar > Combine the Avatar with the performer


To create Avatar: Test recording > Faceshift training > Mask photoshot > Avatar 3D > Export animation through Maya > Photo shoot background > Edit in Premier > Project on the IAC screen


To create Performance: Practice Performance > Perform

Noa face training the avatar using FaceShift

Makeup session with Dori Jay, masks photoshoot with Roy Rochlin

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