Created with Allie Diracles

Music by: Avishai Cohen

Photography by: Roy Rochlin

Lenticular is a fusion of 2 live video drawings merged into one. The artists are drawing simultaneously and responding to each other. A two channel video is projected onto a perforated white board. The board mimics a holographic print in that you can see one image from one angle and a different image from the opposite angle. When viewing from the middle you can see both images at once.

On the technology side we used Modul8 & MadMaper

Lenticular- video instillation

Lets talk about the process...

We wanted to draw together.

It's a conversation in drawings.

The drawing is being recorded and projected on to the board in real time. Using Mad Mapper to map the board, and Modul8 to project the 2 videos at the same time.


Thank you…

REVERSE for hosting a 3 day Mapathon led by Chi Ka & Bruno.

Shantell Martin for teaching & Ciliya Kiese for inspiring.

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