Collaboration with Lior Tamim

Photography by: Roy Rochlin

Lior Tamim decided he wanted to become a body builder as a form of art.

He asked a few artists to collaborate with him requesting they make art                   using his body as material.

The sculpture is a 3D scan of Lior connected to a chess piece. It is built                      out of layers of cardboard. They are glowed together in a form that the viewer can see through parts of the layers.

The sculpture is 21" high and 8" wide.


2D to 3D sculpture


Lets talk about the process...

First I 3D scanned Lior's body, using Kinect for the 3D scanner and Skanect for the program to receive all the data and build the 3D model. Then I designed the piece, connecting the body to a chess piece using Meshmixer.  I then exported the model using 123D Make, and laser cut all the pieces, and glowed them all together.

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