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In my different roles as designer, fabricator, educator and artist I have gained extensive experience with rapid prototyping, projection mapping, art and graphic design.

I believe good design should be simple, clear, intuitive and as much as possible- interactive.


I am a graduate of NYU's ITP program.  At 2015 I initiated and coordinated a 35ITP event celebrating 35 years of creativity. Holding 5 minute talks, PachaKucha style of 35 speakers from the ITP Alumni community.

For the past two years I’ve been working at BCCP, a non-traditional learning space for low income high school kids. Last year I designed and lead the middle school program for over 50 students. This year, I built a Maker Space in the Bushwick High location with a wonderful team of artists and incredible kids.


In my previous job, at CreatorBox,a TechStars incubated startup, I worked with a small team to design and fabricate toys for kids. The airplane launcher we designed won a Best in Class ribbon at the World Maker Faire NY 2014.


I’m a proud member of the maker movement. From Maker Faire, to ITP, to Vidcode, Hack it Back, TedX and any project talented friends of mine want to collaborate on.


My strong background in graphic design, and my experience in the physical computing world has allowed me to cross the border between the screen and the physical. I am a strong team player, I love thinking of a solid concept, and there’s nothing I love more than seeing a good idea come to life.


You can reach me via e-mail (talya@steintalya.com) or call me at 646.725.9108.

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